How to Play AVI on DVD Player with Ease?

Convert AVI to DVD Player Formats to Solve DVD Player Won't Play AVI Issue

Jul 15, 2018, Posted by Shirley White

For some people, they used to burn their AVI files into a disc in order to play on DVD Player. Sometimes, the AVI files go well while sometimes their DVD Player won't play AVI files. People can't help but ask "Can DVD Player play AVI files?" The answer is yes; or to be precise, DVD Player only supports specific AVI files. The given below is a form which lists the reasons why DVD Player can't play AVI files and the relevant symptoms in detail.

Old DVD players can only player DVD or VCD disc, and cannot play any video files. My DVD Player is pretty outdated and obviously doesn't support AVI files. So the question is what the best way to play AVI video on my DVD Player successfully.
Old DVD players only support Standard Definition (720x480 for NTSC and 720x576 for PAL) videos. When I played an AVI file on DVD Player, I got the message "resolution is not supported". I checked the file and it's 724x432.
Old DVD players only support old video codec like DV, MPEG-2 and doesn't support new codec like H.264 .etc. My DVD Player doesn't play all AVI files. The difference between the supported AVI files and the unsupported AVI files is the former is encoded with DivX codec and the latter is encoded with H.264.

The Solution to DVD Player Won't Play AVI Issue

No matter what reasons lead to the issue of DVD Player won't play AVI, the only and best solution is to convert AVI to DVD Player supported formats like MPEG-2, DivX, VOB, etc. Therefore, you need a professional Converter tool and I highly recommend Faasoft AVI to DVD Players Converter (for Mac, for Windows) to help you complete the job. Except AVI, it can convert MP4, MOV, FLV, WMV, MKV, OGV, 3GP and more to DVD Player compatible formats.

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Steps on How to Convert AVI to DVD Player

Don't hesitate to download the trial version of Faasoft AVI to DVD Players Converter to have a try. Note that get the right version depending on the operating system of your computer. After install it, just do as the steps below.

Step 1 Add AVI to the program

Download and install Faasoft AVI to DVD Player Converter and then start it on your computer. On the primary window, you can see "Add File" button on the top. Hit this button to import AVI files that you want to play on DVD Player.

Step 2 Set DVD Player format

All your AVI files show in order on the task list. Move your mouse to the drop-down button of "Profile" and hit it. From the profile menu, choose DVD Player supported output formats.

Note: if you are not sure what format and resolution your DVD Player supports, just check your DVD Player manual which includes all information you need.

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Step 3 Finish the conversion

Now the program is ready for converting AVI to DVD Player. Click the round "Convert" button at the bottom right and the program starts the conversion. Once the conversion is done, you can play any AVI files on any DVD Players smoothly.