About Purchase

Q: How to get a free trial?

A: Download the software you want from our website and install it. When you perform the conversion, a registration request window will pop up. Please ignore it and directly click "Remind Later" button, and then you get the trial version.

Q: Does Faasoft software harm my computer?

A: Please take it easy to use Faasoft software. Faasoft software is 100% clean and safe and will do no harm to your computer.

Q: What should I do if I purchase your software duplicate?

A: In this case, email support@faasoft.com with the detailed information such as the name of the product and order number. We'll refund the duplicate one instantly.

Q: What if I do a wrong purchase - I want a Mac version, but I purchase a Windows version?

A: Inform us via support@faasoft.com with your order number. In most cases, we'll refund to you and then you can purchase the right one. But a lot of customers prefer to change the registration information.

Q: About Backup CD

A: If you want to purchase the Backup CD, Just add the CD into your shopping cart to buy it;

If you finish your purchase but you want Backup CD, please buy Faasoft software with Backup CD again and then write to us and Faasoft will refund you your first purchase.

Q: What's your polocy about refund?

A: Please take it easy to purchase Faasoft software. Faasoft promise to refund you as our refund policy said "30-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee". If Faasoft software cannot meet your need in the end, we will refund to you promptly.

About Registration

Q: How could I get the license code?

A: After you purchase Faasoft software, you'll receive your registration information immediately via email. Feel free to write support@faasoft.com if you haven't received your registration email. Faasoft will resend the information to you ASAP.

Q: What should I do if I can't register the software?

A: Just copy and paste the registration information to the corresponding "License Name" and "License Code".

If you are still in trouble, please check that you purchase the right version of Faasoft software and email support@faasoft.com .

Q: What should I do if I lost my registration information?

A: Feel free to write to Faasoft with order information like your name, email address you used to purchase Faasoft software, and order number. Faasoft will resend your license information to you.

Q: Can I use my license code in two computers?

A: If the OS of the two computers is same, you can. If one of them is Windows OS and the other Mac OS, you can't.