Faasoft Privacy Policy

At Faasoft, ensuring your security and privacy is the utmost importance to us. We make a commitment to protect your security and privacy. We will not share or publish your personal information to any third-party and only use the information for defined purposes.

All in all:

  • We promise to protect your personal information;
  • We will not send spam emails to you or make a call to disturb you.

Contact us if you still have any questions about the privacy police or products.

1. What Information and How do we Collect?

We are not inclined to collect your personal information, but your full name, email address, mailing address, phone number, credit card number, and credit card expiration date are required when you place an order on our website.

Your Credit Card information is invisible since it's protected during the ordering process.

Furthermore, you'll provide your full name, email address and other information when you write to us or contact us.

Except the above two cases, we use "Cookies" to make better sense of what services are valuable to our customers. A cookie is a small text file that a website writes to your hard drive so that the web page server will know that you have visited this site again. Cookies cannot be executed as code or deliver viruses since they are unique and can only be read by the server that assigns them.

2. The Purposes of Faasoft Collect the Information

  • To send you newsletters about the product you purchased;
  • To supply you the registration information if you lost them accidentally or want to move from a Windows to a Mac and versa visa;
  • Customers will be informed as to how their personal information will be used and kept secure.