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The Best Method to Convert MVI Files to MP4, AVI, MP3, etc for Playback Widely without Limitation

Sep 8, 2015, Posted by Shirley White

Troubleshooting with MVI Video Files

  • I recorded a video with my Canon PowerShot, and put the video on the computer, and it was set as a "MVI" file? I need an MVI Converter to convert it to a more popular format. How?
  • Using Canon digital for videos and my clips come up in MVI format which does not work for sending etc. Does anyone know how to convert from MVI to AVI format?
  • Just got a Samsung phone with video. I tried to copy current video files from my camera (MVI) onto the phone but it didn't work. After searching found out I need MP4 video file. How to convert MVI to MP4?
  • I recorded some clips with a camera that makes the clips into MVI files but I want to play them on iMovie. So how to convert MVI files to MOV? Please help.
  • Just got an MVI video from my friend, and want to edit it in Windows Movie Maker. So I need to convert MVI to AVI. But how?
  • Record a video with Canon, which is in MVI format and now want to share it on YouTube. Is there an easy way to let me convert MVI to FLV or MVI to MOV or other YouTube supported formats?
  • I want to extract the audio from MVI file and save the extracted audio into MP3 format and then add the MP3 audio file into another video. How?

How to Open, Convert and Edit MVI Files?

In order to open, play, convert and edit MVI files on most famous media players, editors and portable devices, you'd better to convert MVI files to more common and compatible video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3, etc. Faasoft MVI Converter Mac and Windows is the right choice to convert MVI files to any other popular video and audio formats. With this powerful MVI Video Converter, the following things become true:

  • To play MVI files in iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, iTunes, QuickTime, Android, BlackBerry, PS3, Xbox 360 etc, convert MVI to MP4;
  • To open MVI files in Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, etc, convert MVI to AVI or convert MVI to WMV;
  • To edit MVI files in iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Sony Vegas etc, convert MVI to MOV or convert MVI to Apple ProRes or convert MVI to MP4;
  • To edit MVI files in Windows Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere, Convert MVI to AVI;
  • To share MVI files on YouTube etc popular video sharing websites, convert MVI to FLV, MVI to AVI, MVI to WebM, etc;
  • Convert MVI to many other video formats like MVI to ASF, MVI to OGV, MVI to RM, MVI to MPEG, MVI to TS, etc;
  • Convert MVI to almost all kinds of audio files like MVI to MP3, MVI to WAV, MVI to M4A, MVI to AAC, AC3, AIFF, CAF, ALAC, etc;

Convert MVI Files

Download Faasoft MVI Converter by clicking the "Free Download" button on this page and then follow the wizard to install and run it.

Step 1 Add MVI files
There are two frequently-used methods to import file: 1. Directly drag and drop your MVI file that you want to convert to the program main interface; 2. Click "Add File" button to open MVI file from your computer.

Step 2 Set output format
When the MVI file is loaded, click the drop-down button on the right side of "Profile" to select output format from the pop-up window.

Step 3 Convert MVI files
Click the big "Convert" button on the lower right corner of this MVI Converter to start converting MVI files.

What Is MVI Format?

Canon PowerShot, IXUS camera, such as A75, EOS 7D, save recorded video with file name MVI_XXXX, where XXXX is four digits, and the file name doesn't has extension. Actually, this file is in AVI format, with MJPEG video and PCM audio. However, there are also some Canon camera save video as MVI_XXXX.AVI or MVI_XXXX.MOV. The SD MVI videos shooting at 640x480 end up as .avi files and HD MVI files at 1280x720 or full HD 1920x1080 .mov files.