RCA-VOC File Format

Technique Detail

RCA-VOC format has the extension .voc, and is used by RCA Digital Voice Recorder. The first 15 bytes in this format is "VCP162_VOC_File" or "RP5120_VOC_File" or similar text, which depends on the model of the recorder that records it.

There is another audio file format with the .voc file extension, which is VOC format. VOC format is Creative Labs Voice format, used by Creative Labs hardware devices, and is totally different from RCA-VOC format. For more detail, please read VOC Format.

The sample rate of RCA-VOC files is 8kHz, one channel. This format has two compresses method, which are Standard(5.6kbps) and High(3.2kbps).

How to open or play RCA-VOC files

RCA-VOC format is not a commonly used format, most popular player software(Windows Media Player, Quick Time, iTunes, etc) and devices(iPod, iPhone, Zune, etc) do not support this format. To play RCA-VOC files in these software or devices, you need convert them to popular formats such as WAV, MP3, M4A, etc.

Faasoft Video Converter and Faasoft Audio Converter can play RCA-VOC files directly. You don't need convert them to other formats, just add them to the converters, and click play button to start play.

Convert RCA-VOC files to WAV, MP3, AAC, M4A etc

Faasoft Video Converter and Faasoft Audio Converter can convert RCA-VOC files to other popular formats such as WAV, MP3, M4A, etc, so that you can play the content in the popular player software and devices.

To convert RCA-VOC files, you need just 3 steps:

  • 1. Add VOC files to Faasoft Video Converter.
  • 2. Select WAV, MP3 or M4A format in the profile list.
  • 3. Click Start button to start the conversion.