Enable MP4, MOV Streaming

Technique Detail

MOV and MP4 are similar video formats. They contain a moov atom which has the parameters of the video file and index information. These information is vital for video players to play the video file. While most video editor, author, converter put this atom at the end of the file, because the index information is only known after all the video and audio data are written into the file. So, the player cannot play the file until it can reach the end of the file.

Make MP4, MOV Progressive

If you want to put your video file on the internet, and make it can be played before the whole file is downloaded, you should enable it streaming. By enable streaming, the moov atom of MP4 or MOV file is moved to the begin of the file, so the player can start play the file instantly after the head of the file is downloaded.

With Faasoft Video Converter you can enable streaming by just setting one parameter.

To enable streaming, you need just 4 steps:

  • 1. Add video files to Faasoft Video Converter.
  • 2. Select MP4 or MOV format in the profile list.
  • 3. Click "Setting..." button to open the setting window, in the "Advanced" tab, set "Fast Start" to "True".
  • 4. Click Start button to start the conversion.