The Easiest Way to Remove Background Noise from Video

Clean Up Noise of Video to Improve the Clarity of the Sound with Two Methods

Jun 11, 2017, Posted by Shirley White

Question: Does anyone have any suggestion on removing or reducing the background noise in video recordings? Whenever I use my digital camera to shoot quick videos, I get this sound (probably because the microphone is hyper sensitive and so it picks up lot of unwanted noise) in the background.

Answer: we found the above question on and firmly believe tens of thousands of people have the similar issue every day. Removing background noise from video is imminent. In the following guide, we introduce a powerful tool which offers a solution to remove background noise, no matter from a penetrating car horn, a dreaded air conditioner, or a crying child.

The Best Noise Remover

The Noise Remover (for Mac, for Windows) can not only expertly remove the background noise but also performs well in a series of audio editing work, for example, fade in/fade out music, detach audio from video, add background music/voiceover, adjust audio volume, mix audio and more. Most amazing of all, this Noise Remover is expert in video editing, with which, you can create a masterpiece just as a professional.

How to Remove Background Noise from Video?

It is pretty easy to remove background noise from video with this program. The following is the steps that how to do the work. First of all, get the trial version of this Noise Remover by clicking "Free Download" button.

Step 1 Separate the audio from video

After the installation is completed, run the video editing software. Drag the video that you want to remove noisy sound to the program. In the timeline, select clip, right-click and choose "Audio Detach" from the pop-up menu.

The detached audio clip automatically shows in the audio track.

Step 2 Remove the Noise

Double click the separated audio clip in the timeline and check the box before "Remove Background Noise". If you want to make the audio sound more natural, click the drop-down button of "Equalizer" to fine tune the audio. Lastly press OK to save the setting.

Cover Background Noisy Sound

Sometimes, it is easier to cover the background noise with music than remove the noisy sound. Meanwhile, this way can keep higher audio quality.

To realize the above goal, drag the song that you want to use to cover the noise in the Music Library to the music track and then edit as your will. Export the video with the background music you like.

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