How to Convert RM to AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, AAC, AC3, etc?

Convert RM Files to MOV, MP4, AVI, etc with RM Video Converter and Easy Steps

Apr 4, 2016, Posted by Shirley White

Issues Caused by RM Format

RM, stands for RealMedia, is a multimedia container format used by RealNetwork's RealPlayer media player software for audio and video files, or links to these files for live streaming. And RV is successor to RM and there is an article that is dedicated to introduce what's RV and how to convert this format.

Why People dream to convert RM to WMV, MP4, AVI, etc? First, let's see some examples.

  • I need to convert some old Real .rm files to QuickTime. What is the easiest way to do it on Mac and or PC?
  • I have radio programs that I have obtained with the extension RM. How to convert them to MP3 or other more common type?
  • My question is how do I convert .rm files to MP4, and MOV format with a Mac? And then I can play RM files in iTunes or edit them in iMovie. Thank you for your time.
  • Is there any way to convert .rm to .flv? Because .rm file is not running in Mplayer.
  • Here's my situation. I have one 2-minute Real Media video that I need to convert to AVI or WMV for playback in Windows Media Player. Can anyone suggest any software that will convert an RM video to WMV or AVI, sound and image?
  • I need to convert a RM video file to an AVI file. I do not like to play RealMedia because even if the video has great quality, the RealPlayer plays them skipping too many frames. Anyone knows about a Video Converter Command or Front End to do this?

Clearly, the reason that people long to convert RM to other video or audio formats is to enjoy RM video anywhere as their desire.

RM Video Converter

To meet customers' needs, we strongly recommend Faasoft RM Video Converter with fast conversion speed and nearly 100% quality preserved. Once you decide to use it, you can convert RM files to many other video and audio formats with just a few simple clicks, for example, convert RM to MP4 to play RM in iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android and so on, convert RM to MOV to edit RM in iMovie, QuickTime, FCP, etc, convert RM to AVI in order to enjoy RM in Windows Media Player or optimize them in Adobe Premiere, convert RM to FLV so that you can upload RM video online, convert RM to MKV, WMV, MXF, WebM, DV, ProRes, OGV, SWF, etc for specific requirements.

In addition to convert RM to other video formats, this powerful RM Converter also lets you convert RM to any other audio formats like convert RM to MP3, RM to WAV, RM to ALAC, RM to FLAC, RM to M4A, etc and then you can listen the extracted audio on your MP3 players, etc.

Better still, this amazing RM Video Converter with basic editing functions will help you join multiple RM files into a complete one, split a big RM file to several parts, remove black bars of RM file, add subtitle/effects/watermark to RM video and so on.

Convert RM to MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, etc

Since such a useful program is just what you need, why don't you download and install it to have a try? After run this great RM Converter, simply follow the three steps as below to finish the conversion.

Step 1 Add RM to the Converter
The simplest way to import file to the program is to drag and drop your RM files that you want to convert to the main interface of the program. Batch conversion is also supported. Drag the folder where RM files are to this RM Converter.

Step 2 Select output formats
Click "Profile" drop-down button to choose output formats you prefer, for example, choose "MP4 MPEG-4 Video (*.mp4)" from "General Video" category as output format.

Step 3 Start to convert RM files
In this step, just click the big "Convert" button to start the program to let it finish your job automatically.

How to Open RM Files?

Faasoft RM Video Converter is also a good choice to play RM files, no matter for Mac users or Windows users. There are also many other RM Players for you:

For Windows Users: VLC Media Player
For Mac Users: VLC and RealNetworks RealPlayer Cloud
For iOS Users: RealPlayer Cloud
For Android Users: RealPlayer Cloud